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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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force his hand. >> we told you it was coming your way. now that atmospheric river is poised to bring us several inches of rainfall over the course of your weekend. we'll help you get outdoors with your full forecast. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, why we see this different pattern on fridays and what i'm expecting is different about this afternoon as well. >> a live look outside at downtown san jose this morning, it is friday, march 28th, this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we have an update to breaking news. homicide detectives trying to figure out what happened to a man found dead in a san jose home. police say they were conducting a wonderful check at the home, on aborn road, no one answered the door so police say they went inside, found a body.
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right now they are calling that death suspicious. >> the circumstances surrounding the body were such that we believe that it could be a crime scene, we cannot be positive, but we're erring on the side of caution if there is evidence that we preserve that and collect it to make sure we're able to identify suspects at a later time if there is a crime. >> the man's identity and how he died has not been released. >> new objects spotted in the indian ocean in what officials call the most encouraging report so far. this after the search area is actually shifted nearly 700 miles northeast. peggy bunker joins us, why is the search making such a dramatic shift? >> first up i want to let you know there is interesting news from the australian maritime authority in the past minutes really, planes are returning from the search zone, they report that five different planes have spotted what could be possible objects or related debris in this new search area so. this really is the most
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encouraging news so far. as you know searchers have been scouring the area in this designated area in the southern indian ocean. overnight new radar -- revealed that flight 370 was traveling much faster than originally thought. the burn rate of fuel would be much quicker indicating that the plane couldn't have made it as far as the initial search. let's take you to a map and show you the difference we're talking about. we were formerly looking in this lower search area where you see possible wreckage along the bottom of the screen. analysts said it's got to be farther north and east, closer to the coast of perth. you can see the new search area. we're also hearing from australian authorities that this does change the game in terms of where they are looking. >> indicates the plane was traveling faster than was previously estimated, resulting in increased fuel usage, and
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reducing the possible distance it traveled south into the indian ocean. >> so from what we hear moments ago this looks like it could be very encouraging. that's a good thing. the black boxes had eight days left to throw out those low cater signals. it's about 9:00 in perth, australia. we won't have news until ships arrive. it's very dark there. this is interesting, the reason we're getting this news now is because the planes are returning because it's now nighttime. reporting back what they saw. five said they spotted debris. >> officials in washington say the number of people confirmed dead in that massive mudslide will probably go up today. as of now the official count stands at 16. with about 90 missing. today search and rescue crews are fighting through rain and exhaustion, this is the seventh
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day. for the first time the chapter of the american red cross is sending more volunteers. >> more fallout from the shocking arrest of senator leland yee and more calls for yee to resign. we have a camera outside his home. as far as we know yee has not left his house since he made his first court appearance on wednesday. for more on this let's head to christie smith. lawmakers will call on yee to resign. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. his colleagues here in sacramento say they have essentially asked state senator leland yee to step down. if that doesn't happen by today they are going to have a vote on the senate floor at 9:00 to suspend him. the state senate leader and fellow democrats wasted no time removingee from his committee coasts, after the san francisco
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senator was indicted. darrell steinberg called the charges shocking and surreal saying that the gun running charges were like a bad movie. raids went on at about a half dozen locations. yee's attorney announced yesterday that he would be stepping down from the secretary of state race, but when asked whether his senate seat should be given up, he offered no comment. senator mark leno had toth to say. he mentioned that fellow lawmakers are offended by this. >> indictment, every arraignment, every arrest reflects very poorly on a proud institution. >> reporter: the attorney said earlier they would offer a not guilty plea in all of this. i think you mentioned earlier
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there w there was a camera but he has -- senator lee, has been out of the public eye since this happened. president wanted to mention that feinstein and boxerer calling for him to resign. stick with us, we'll have more later today. reporting live in sacramento, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> some of the men arrested in that fbi operation are expected to appear in court. among them raymond chow. the former gangster is accused of money laundering and other charges. also possibly in court keith jackson accused of taking part in a murder-for-hire conspiracy as well as gun and drug
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trafficking. >> our extensive coverage of the story continues on line. you can find our exclusive video of yee's arrest and his political history at >> 6:07 now. time to check that friday forecast. a peek at the weekend as well. beautiful san francisco along the embarcadero there. nice and clear, crisp start to the morning. i got a peek at the futurecast. figure storm there is a bright side. it could come in during the heart of a rush hour commute. we're going to get by this morning and looking good for most of the day. pm showers in san francisco in the north bay between 5 and 6:00 and the heavier rainfall. temperatures are pretty comfortable. you condition put the jacket on and maybe ditch it if you can take the 70s.
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we stopped the clock for you. tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. it's going to be active across the bay area. we get rain shadowed but i think we're going to pick up totals throughout saturday. we've got two more on its heels. we've got another round of rain throughout tuesday and if everything works out right, we'll be talking about rain showers just about with every single day through the 15th of this month. we really need this rain. like i said before you'll be able to sleep through a lot of it tomorrow especially in the north bay, we expect our showers in the south bay. over the course of now through wednesday anything we accumulate will be light, tonight heavy, then wednesday this is what we expect 6 inches.
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that's in the north bay. this is where we see the totals. about 4 to 6 inches in the east bay hills. 2 to 4 around the east shore. 1-2 inchesen san jose. we'll talk more about the timing of this and what this means for our drought situation. coming up in my next report. here is mike. >> good morning. i sent out a tweet showing that the bay bridge toll plaza lights are turned on and the plaza is full. the maze as you approach, the east shore, both at speed. the oakland area northbound. the dale lights, there is a good amount of company. you are at speed. headlights to the san mateo bridge moving nicely. we showed you the cameras, and as you see no glowing but we see more blips of yellow. we're going to see a lift. the giants are -- early even
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backup at the toll plaza. the game starting there. the rest of the south bay and peninsula at speed. a live look with our camera. the volume starting to build for north 101 so that will be an issue as you travel through the area. back to the maps and we see mo major, no problems for 680 through sunol. it's west 580 into dublin. if you are heading to the esarah bring those gains and slow starting. >> 6:10. still ahead, a bay area teacher steps up his plea to get will ferrell to shopper reason the prom. >> one last show in the south bay before the screens go bark. which movie will be the last to run at san jose's dome theater. >> a look into the city from the east out of our cameras over
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there. we'll take a look at the bridge. track and weather all coming up.
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welcome back now. taking a look at what we're expecting in the sierras, yeah, maybe up to two feet of snowfall just between now and sunday with two more strong storms on the way. we could make up 25% of that snowpack we're lacking. i think we will. i'm going to show you why. >> all right. we're showing you 101 through palo alto, you're picking up the volume a bit. your morning commute looks standard but we have a backup at the bay bridge.
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we'll talk about that and what i expect this evening that is different. >> today's top stories this morning, state legislators plan to call on state senator leland yee to resign following his arrest on corruptions and weapons charges. if he refuses they say they will have him suspended. yesterday, yee's lawyer announced that yee is dropping out of the race for secretary of state but he has not resigned his senate seat. >> members of congress heading to l.a.x. for a hearing to discuss what the airport has learned from last year's deadly shooting. the hearing comes after a report found communication problems led to delays. >> ships are on the way to a new location in the indian ocean in hopes of finding objects spotted by five search planes looking for the malaysian flight wreckage. this new area about 700 miles north and east of the previous zone australian authorities say this is, quote, the largest number of objects seen by a
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plane. >> mountain view police investigate after a shipment of wine disappeared. police report the owner of the wine had packed it up preparing to ship it to another country. someone who claimed to be the delivery driver took the wine but it never arrived. police have not released the suspect description. >> this is the last weekend ever for san jose's winchester century dome theaters. >> bob joins us with details of grass roots efforts to try to keep the projectors rolling. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now the last screening for the century 21, 22 and 23 retro dome theaters will be sunday a good buy showing of raiders of the last art. perhaps they can find inspiration in indiana jones, he is after all, a very adept at outrunning large boulders and has a knack for saving
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artifacts. he claimed victory in his adventures, the question is can local preservationists do the same. they are trying, one woman who used to work the snack bar has posted a video to youtube pleading with people to sign a petition on change dot org. we checked with the website. more than 6,000 have signed their names asking the mayor to preserve the domes and have them as permanent structures. the city is working on this. next month the state of california will consider it a designation. the feds are expected to do that as well. the families who own these want to redevelop the parcels of land to put something bringing in much more money than these. especially they don't bring in people like they used to and now competition with the multiplex. the owners of santana row which
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is across the street from here have already entered. the last screening set to take place at century 21, 7:00, tickets still available. reporting live in san jose, bob redell. >> no doubt a lot of people will head out there. >> a teacher taking another shot to get will ferrell to chaperone his school's prom. ♪ say you'll go say you'll go so he'll stop bothering us ♪ ♪ say you'll go so he'll stop bothering us ♪ >> the choir never like immediate anyway. >> chad has issued this follow-up video to one earlier this month. like before she asking will ferrell to help him chaperone the high school prom.
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he says if farrell doesn't show up he is going to ask the d.j. to play all by myself. >> i hope this works out. this would be tremendous. >> funny. >> yes. all of this hard work. let's check your forecast as we give you a live look at the bay bridge and what else have we got? >> foster city outside this morning. i think the bay bridge. is it our lens or moisture in the air? >> both. >> i know who to check in with. >> let's tweet will ferrell, everybody collectively, so that we can get him out there to danville and hey, i know something about that song. laura is sick of it because she has that playing. >> i know all of the lyrics. it's a good one. temperatures now mostly in the 50s, if you've got kids you know that tune. temperatures are going to be nice so if you are get rain shower kids ready for school
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it's a good idea to bring the rain gear. you know you want to keep your kids dry. 71 in the east bay and south bay and 67 degrees in the north bay. count on a lot of that mud being tracked inside the house as we head throughout the next couple days if you are headed in doors and out doors because we have heavy rainfall on the way. localized flooding it's going to be that active. wait until i show you your future cast. >> mild, it's going to feel spring like. then everything changes tonight. so warm and cloudy today. throughout tonight on and off showers in the north bay, spread into san francisco. i told you a while ago about the atmospheric river. and why we're going to get so much rainfall. so basically you possibly period of the pineapple express. we have this persistent moisture bloom extends from the hawaii
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islands and california. that pumps in that rainfall. you have to have a storm system to tap into that atmospheric river. we have three on the way as we head throughout sars. and another one on tuesday. we stop the clock at high noon. we're going to see showers throughout the day on saturday. you get a break on sunday. if you are headed up to tahoe for the weekend that's going to be a good day to travel home. there is more on the way as we head throughout monday at 3:00 p.m. the atmospheric river comes back and boom, we have another one on tuesday. hope fly we make up some of the totals. we're getting into our last wu weeks of rainfall. hopefully we'll get a much better picture. things are looking up. here is mike inouye and your morning drive. >> we're looking forward the
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morning as well as a forecast for the traffic coming up. we have heavier volume of cash payers. and also we'll see the starting to build into the evening, the giants play the a's for the second day in a row at at&t pork. they plan to stay after and do dinner or some other activities in the city. but this evening more folks heading there as well as this afternoon and evening. look at the maps, we're talking about this area down the east shore freeway and northbound 880. they start to clo as well as 3:00. the east bay a smooth know coming off of the car key disbridge. at the speed limit through berkeley. across the bay a live look at san frael. southbound 101. a little slow to the lights.
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christina talking about with maybe drizzle. watch the coast because we have some of that along 1. the greater bay area on our speed sensors. we have slowing that shows up from time to time through san jose but not a major concern. here the tri-valley we had early slowing and it kind of held with speeds in and about the 55 miles per hour range. toward the dublin interchange. no slowing for 680 southbound, but we'll see that build with. and north out of the concord area to the san ramon value. we'll get you moved owe they're to the south bay as we talked about for the start of the building to san jose. >> 6:22. still ahead a record breaking pay day. we'll tell you who is good about to land. a 292 million deal.
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record breaking payday may be ahead for one of major league baseball's biggest stars. the tigers and miguel cabrera are close to inking an 8-year extension worth $248 million. but we are not done yet. add that money to the $44 million that is still on his current contract, grand total,
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$292 million over the next ten years. that is more cash than any player has ever received under one deal in the history of baseball. >> that is crazy. it's crazy. 6:26 now. fans waking up disappointed. still a pretty sweet season for the men's basketball team. >> dreams of moving on to the big dance came to an end. they lors to the flyers 82-72. the cardinal did have a great run upsetting new mexico and kansas. this couple watched from the old pro in palo altoment they had a lot on the line. she is a dayton grad. he is stanford alum. >> i better get my diamond. i expect diamonds. this is going to be expensive for you? >> possibly. if not in the monetary serngs in the pride sense. >> she is very happy this morning. most cardinal fans say they are of course proud of their team. they can't wait to dance again next year. >> ladies like their diamonds.
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>> still ahead a countdown to the health care coverage deadline. how long you have to apply for obamacare. >> a price spike at the pumps, we'll tell you how much more you have to pay to fill up.
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we are days away from a deadline to apply for health care coverage. the final push to get people to sign up. >> take a look at this whopper storm system on the way to the bay area. we're going to be measuring the rain in inches this week. i'll tell you how much we expect where you live in moments. >> a little different pattern at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on, a new crash in downtown oakland. we'll show you that and what to expect. >> what can we expect from the markets today? certainly a lot of ipos. we're following so many. this one from cbs outdoor doing the honors. actually ipo'd yesterday. starting out at $28.
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at the nasdaq another ipo this week. we had so many. some not doing so hot. we'll continue to see where the money is going to take us on this friday, march 28th. this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we do have breaking news for you. several planes have spotted new objects as the search for the missing malaysia airliner's flight shifted to an area of the indian ocean. five aircraft spotted objects in the water off the coast of australia, this after the search area was moved 700 miles northeast of its original area. australia sending a ship to the region to confirm those reports, it should be there by tomorrow. peggy bunker will join us with more detail on this discovery.
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>> we're days away from the deadline to get health care coverage through covered california health care exchange. monday march 31 before midnight is the deadline to apply. people who apply by that time will now have until april 15 to actually finish the application and select a plan. people in other states without their own health care exchanges facing a monday deadline to sign up for obamacare. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with a look at the final push to get people signed up. good morning. >> reporter: it is the final push. good morning. because the obama administration is trying to make sure not only that they hit the number which they have of getting total enrollments but to make sure the number of young adults enrolled increases. the government says 6 million people signed up for health insurance under the affordable care act. >> we're seeing an increase, particularly in the past couple
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weeks, of people under 35 enrolling. >> reporter: not as many as insurers need to balance the cost of covering older sicker americans. a quarter are under 35. the goal was 38%. some are considering whether to just pay the penalty. >> $95 okay. but then if it goes to 1%, who knows. >> now the administration says people who start but don't finish by monday's deadline won't be penalized. >> the dates are the dates, and the law is the law. the president doesn't have the ability to change the law whenever he wants. >> delay cannot be good, but at some point in time you've got to pull the trigger and get this thing going. >> we find that a lot of folks like to begin the process check out their options, talk to their family, and then come back and complete it. >> i think that will not solve the problem, but make it worse. now you're going to say well, i guess i really don't have to hit it. >> applicants are getting
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subsidies so the government pays part of their premium. we have new poll numbers that show americans still aren't thrilled with this health insurance plan, this health law, but they think it's going to stick around. the new associated press poll found that about a quarter of americans say they support the health law but much less than that, less than 1 in 8, think it's going to be repealed or overturned. >> we've been talking about it for a while. thanks so much, tracie. >> let's check the forecast this morning as we give you a live look at san jose and san francisco. aren't those pretty pictures. i believe we heard thunder a bit ago. >> or a big truck is pulling up to drop off chips to the vending machine. >> you guys are making me hungry. probably my clip clop clip clop. sorry about that. temperatures are looking pretty good. actually we have thunderstorms in the forecast. as we head throughout saturday. so we're not letting our guard down. what i can tell you today's
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looking pretty good. right now we're seeing light activity. light showers mostly in the north bay. take a look at this beautiful sunrise shaping up with the greater bay area. deeper into spring we're going to return to winter. temperatures will reach the 70s, the good day to get outdoor activities done if you have things in your yard you don't want to get soaked over the weekend bring them in for today. that rain is going to fire up tonight and be heavy as we head throughout overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy to start, mild temperatures out there, warm as we head throughout the day. much warmer than it has been, scattered daytime showers will start mostly in the north bay, then the heavier rainfall arrives after about 6:00 p.m. mostly shouldn't have heavy downpours coming through. until about 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. futurecast tells that. i want to give you an idea of how much rainfall we expect for saturday. it's going to be saturday morning through saturday
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afternoon. we have the oranges, the yellows for most of the bay area, that is some moderate to heavy rainfall. we're talking about hours of steady rainfall that we need. i don't think anybody is too upset about it. it's not our only chance for rain. i take you into monday when we meet back here we're going to track another storm system. then another one comes through as we head throughout tuesday. by the end of the week next week, we hit that atmospheric river again so. we're talking rain chances through the 15th of the month. i can tell you know it's easier to forecast weather than climate. very difficult. mike inouye, you've been doing this a while. you're pretty good. >> thank you. also i make the call in the morning, then i leave. so in the afternoon when them are complaining i'm not there. kidding. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're forecasting a different change because of the early morning commute we see more cash
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drivers on a friday because more stick around after work, they don't always take the bridge, they take mass transit. tonight there is a giants/a's game so we're looking at more driving in and into the evening because it's a 7:15 game. we're looking at the maps, smooth flow around the bay and no major concerns for the flow in this area. looking toward 580 t slowing from livermore through the dublin intertang. slowing to castro valley. southbound 680 we have the slowing drive. back toward the east bay looking at southbound 880 which has slowed down, building off the castro valley y, and also down fast san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge, extra slowing as well. we saw a smooth flow through oakland, south 880 at 16 this is
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a report of a crash, i do see a slowing there and across the bay in palo alto a live look at northbound 101 which shows volume increase but no major concerns. at speed between the south bay and the city. >> thank you. fast prices are going up. the cost of a regular gallon shot up 19 cents to $3.98 according to aaa, so here's the breakdown. gas most expensive in san francisco, average about $4.03. oakland at the state average, $3.98, san jose at $3.96 that is up 17 sents. >> still ahead a busy shipping port after a massive spill. >> president obama's next stop is saudi arabia. >> we're going to take a pit stop in the south bay. clouds in the sky. clear now but the rain is
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coming. at least it will make way for a smooth commute for the morning.
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new this morning president obama is leaving europe for the middle east, this is new video shot earlier this morning showing president obama leaving rome. he is on his way to saudi arabia. the president wants to assure arab allies the u.s. is not abandoning the arab world despite troop withdrawals from iraq and afghanistan. and greater energy independence
6:41 am
here in the states. >> also new this morning, a russian spacecraft has docked at the international space station after an unexpected delay. the scraft was supposed to arrie wednesday but there was an issue with the engine. the american and two russians were not in danger. >> all remaining restrictions lifted at the houston ship channel five days after an oil spill shut it down. 170,000 gallons spilled in the waterway when a ship collided with an oil barge. oil has washed onto 12 miles of beach about 100 miles south of galveston. >> coming up, a suspicious death in a san jose home, now homicide detectives taking over the investigation. >> 700-mile shift in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. >> i want to tell you a little about with earth hour.
6:42 am
8 thir:30 to 9:30 we're asking e to turn their lights off to celebrate this beautiful earth that we all enjoy. i can tell you right now it's going to be -- you can have the tv on, that's okay. temperatures are going to drop like a rock. we have a lot of rain coming and i'm going to guide you through that timeline in moments.
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this morning state lawmakers plan to call state senator leland yee to resign following his shocking arrest for corruption and weapons charges. we do have a camera outside yee's house in san francisco's sunset district. this is a live look. as far as we know yee has not left his house since making his first court appearance on
6:45 am
wednesday. for more on this developing story let's go to christie smith in sacramento where lawmakers say if yee doesn't resign they are going to force him out. >> reporter: yeah, that's what they say. they have been saying that since wednesday. but when we first asked senator yee's attorney if his client would resign we got a no comment. now his colleagues here at the state capital are pushing back. what they are doing is they are going to have a vote at 9:00, they are saying that he just needs to leave the state senate. they have already removed senator leland yee from all committee posts right after his stunning arrest this week on charges ranging from bribery to weapons trafficking. darrell steinberg said the gun running allegations were like a bad movie calling it shocking and surreal. while federal agents raided yee's home and a number of other 0 locations his attorney said that he'd plead not guilty but
6:46 am
yesterday he dropped out of the race for secretary of state but it's his seat fellow democrats are looking at. >> we asked that he step down. if he does not the president pro tem announced we'll be voting on the floor. >> leland yee will not be on the floor of the senate ever again. >> reporter: one lawmaker said that if he was acquitted he could come back, but the allegations are really a cloud over the entire institution, again that vote may happen at 9:00 this morning. i did get off the phone with his attorney who said that he would have more to say shortly after this vote comes down. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. some of the men arrested in this fbi operation are expected to appear in court today. among them raymond "shrimp boy" chow, still in jail after a
6:47 am
judge denied bail and declared him a flight risk and danger to the public. a former gangster accused of money laundering. and keith jackson a political consultant, he is accused of taking part in a murder-for-hire conspiracy and gun and drug trafficking. >> it's 6:47. let's check your forecast and take a live look at dublin this morning. we wait for rain to come in. christina loren joins us here. >> we need the rain. >> we do. >> aren't they pretty. we need them lush and green. >> exactly. i'm looking forward to it. for the past two years it's been unseasonably dry, so we haven't had those beautiful lush green hillsides. they are coming back. i think we're going to hold onto that beautiful pattern even all the way through looks like the midsection of the month. so by the 15th. i want to show you what we're working with. temperatures mostly in the 50s. we're at 52 degrees along the
6:48 am
peninsula. 57 in the east bay and 56 in san francisco so. back out to the wall, sorry about that, 64 today in san francisco, and 67 degrees in the north bay. we head throughout afternoon your temperatures pretty comfortable. then look at what's coming our way as we head into tomorrow. a lot of rainfall. we're going to hit that atmospheric river. what is this atmosphere river you speak so highly of? it's a plume of moisture from the hawaiian islands through the eastern pacific. we need a storm system to grab that moisture and bring it into the bay area. we've got three on the way. we're looking at a lot of rainfall as a result. we stop that clock at 8:00 a.m. on saturday getting the heavy downpours by 2:00 p.m. that orange concentrated over san francisco to palo alto, we could be measuring maybe two additional inches of rain in this area over one day with two more systems on the way.
6:49 am
by 1:00 p.m. the rain returns. all the way through tuesday. you'll notice we have two dry days at the end there but by thursday, late thursday into friday, we get another round of heavy rain. it's looking good. two sides to the weekend. best bet to get outdoors on sunday and today. >> it's also in the tina turner song, raining, raining. then i stop singing because we don't want to lose more viewers. it's a smooth drive. i watch eastbound. that's good news for all lanes, smooth drive into the city. we have the cash lanes backing up early. tut the early burst and a disabled vehicle. the giant versus the a's, first battle of the bay, preseason but that means more are driving in instead of mass transit.
6:50 am
expect more in early afternoon into the evening. look at the map though and the rest of the approach. moving smoothly. slowing out of san pablo, a smooth drive through north 580 and west 24 all pretty much as speed. a smooth drive down southbound 880 toward 16th we had a crash but a lot of activity cleared. down in toward hayward south of 280 or 238 we have this starting to build but it's a gentle build past 92, and toward the dumbarton bridge. out of newark. here west 580 shows slowing traditional through pleasanton. the earlier slowdown into sunol that has started to recover. heading down to the south bay nothing dramatic. no major problems. typical slowing from capital
6:51 am
expressway to the airport. just starting to see a build to that commute. we'll look across, moving smoothly. you see the lou clouds but the rain is holding off. we're looking to the weekend where it could be soupy. keep that in mind. >> thanks so much. new this morning oscar pistorius will not take the stand in his murder tile. it's delayed until april wefrn. one of the experts helping the judge is sick. pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend last year. pistorius claims he shot her by accident, making her -- mistaking her for an intruder. prosecutors say he killed her after an argument. breaking news in the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370, five separate
6:52 am
planes, the search area drifts dramatically. peggy. >> this iseally encouraging news. breaking about 6:00 this morning our time, 5 of the 10 planes dispatched to the new search area near perth reported spotting objects in the ocean. this follows a report that a royal new zealand plane had sightings of light colored objects. a total of 10 planes were dispatched. if you look at this map you can see at the bottom, that's where the possible wreckage was initially indicated. then it moves about 700 miles north and east, that's where today's search activity was all moved to and that is where the objects were spotted. hook at this statement just released. all ten planes returned to base
6:53 am
and half of them had object sight toogs report. the statement is careful but hopeful saying quote search activities concluded for the night. 256 square kilometers were searched and photo imagery of the object captured and will be addressed and assessed overnight. they are careful saying the objects cannot be verified or discounted as being from flight 370. scott and laura, tomorrow will be big by tomorrow morning our time the photos that were taken by the 10 planes will have a chance to be assessed and analyze it. you can expect when you cake up tomorrow to probably have new news. that's a good thing. as of now we have eight days left on the battery life of that box. that's going to provide all of the information we so desperately need. >> we have an update to news. homicide investigators calling
6:54 am
the death after man found in a home suspicious. right now police are not releasing much information but here's what we know. they found a body while doing a welfare check. the man's identity has not been released. >> pg&e says it expects to face criminal charges for the explosion of a natural gas explosion. pg&e officials say they have been meeting with the u.s. attorney's office in helps of reaching a res doogs. they expect federal charges f. they are charged they would allege pg&e operating practice at the time of the glast, violated the pipe line safety act t utility did not keep good records or identify faulty pipe lines. pg&e officials say the charges are not warranted and they implemented new safety practices since that explosion. u.s. attorney's office did not
6:55 am
comment. >> construction begins today on a key stretch of b.a.r.t.'s service. the work is expected to continue through the fall. drivers are warned of lane closures and detours. the project connecting b.a.r.t. should be done by late 2017. >> 6:55. a sat weekend for many bay area movie fans. >> we've all probably been this at one time or another. a look at the grass roots effort to try to keep the films rolling there. >> reporter: good morning. right now the projectors will stop rolling sunday, sunday is going to be scheduled for the last screening of the century 21, 22, 23 theaters. appears those reservationists
6:56 am
can find recognition. he is very adept at outrunning large round bulders and he has a knock for saving and preserving. he claimed victory. can local preservationist dues the same? you are looking at a woman who used to work at the snack bar, she posted a video to youtube, especially to sign a feet save the domes. more than 6,000 names. asking mayor chuck reed of san jose to preserve the domes and have them des stated as historical structures. next month the state will consider historic designation. the feds are expected to do that as well.
6:57 am
the family that owns these and redevelop these, put in something that would bring more money than theaters are bringing in especially since the dome theaters don't bring in the crowds, they are up against on demand movies at home. this is next to the mystery house across from santana row. the owners entered into a lease. the question is whether these tomorrows especially sentry 21, built in 64, where they will be historical structures. reporting live. >> certainly don't make it like thattine more. >> it's not the years. >> plans to build a cell phone power on the met being met with a pushback. the palo alto little league wants to allow horse to build
6:58 am
the field, $2,000 a month with annual increases. the little league says that will offset costs to the players and their home nents. the city still has to sign off on the 0 project. >> good news slated to go to camp this summer. the city says despite damage by the rim fire the 90-year-old camp will be able to -- giving cabin assignments. they feared damage coupled with the state wide drought would limit water, forcing them to scale back. however, park officials now say the water supplies are safe and reliable. >> who you will camp with. >> i have kevin. let's check in with christina. this almost weekend. >> so close. yes, we're kiddie about it.
6:59 am
peoples in the 70s. 64 in san francisco. is 71 south bay "wednesday night baseball." also looking toward the low 70s. showers will fire up later on tonight. we'll have your seven-day forecast throughout today show. you can take us with you. and mike inouye, you do the traffic for -- >> kfog. 10137. knbr, who else. gosh. star 113. here we go, we have traffic with a bit of a disabled vehicle. you notice the cash lanes cleared up over 20 minutes. that's what we expect to see. back to the maps, a smoother drive. i forgot about critical mass at justin herman. 880 out of oakland, slower
7:00 am
build. back to you. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with a live local news update. good morning. breaking news, shifting search. authorities unexpectedly move the hunt for malaysia air flight 370 some 700 miles north. this morning, the sudden change and the possible debris just spotted. pressing on, rescuers fight through brutal cditions at the site of that massive mudslide in washington state as officials suggest the death toll could increase dramatically. unexpected delay moments before oscar pistorius was set to take the stand in his own defense. the judge postpones the trial. why the defense must now wait over a week to begin its case. and on the move, the powerful storm system that


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